Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emma and Sarah

Today Emma wanted to hold her little sister, Sarah. She was so excited and did a pretty good job considering her age (21 months).

Emma holding Sarah. Isn't this sweet!

Emma Ruth

Oh! She looks so sweet and cute but look below to see the mess she made during nap time this afternoon.

I heard her crying and screaming so I went to check on her. She had all of her baby dolls pulled out all over her floor. She was in the closet on top of the diaper changing station with the light on. Emma had dumped all of the diaper wipes out, dumped her basket full of barrettes, bows, rubber bands, and headbands along with other things. I found her with 4-6 headbands around her neck and screaming. She knew she was in BIG trouble.

She pulled her butterfly winds out. More bows and rubber bands on the floor and she pulled out the storage drawers onto the floor along with all the items in the drawers. I don't know what she was thinking!!

By the way, Sarah slept through the whole experience.

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