Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

by Tracy!

Meme terms & conditions:
1. link the person who tagged you
2. mention the rules on your blog
3. list 6 unspectacular things about you
4. tag 6 other bloggers

1. I drive a 15 passenger van!

2. I love to cook especially desserts!

3. I have had all seven of my children naturally with no pain medicine!

4. I love chocolate sweets of almost any kind! (I used to not like dark chocolate but as I get older I seem to prefer it!!)

5. I've never been a big reader however now that I have been reading chapter books to my children I think I enjoy it more than they do!

6. I don't like messes so I have stepped out of the box in order to do projects with my children this year!

I'm tagging these 6 people: Taryn, Christine, Elizabeth, Candi, Laura, and Sara
(The only thing is that Candi, Laura, and Sara don't keep up with their blogs much anymore. I'm interested in seeing if they will do this!)

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