Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Egyptian Jewelry

Today we went over to the Lindsays to make Egyptian jewelry. We are using the same curriculum and trying to stay on the same weeks so that we are able to do group projects as well as other things together when possible.

We are currently studying about Egypt along with Moses and the bondage of the Israelites under Pharaoh. This week we cover the ten plaques and the exodus out of Egypt.

Making the necklaces.

Cai showing off his ring while Cade finishes his.

Candi helping at the necklace station.

I'm helping out at the anklet and ring station. Abram, Tate, and Ian are hard at work.

Tate showing his anklet and ring.

Here are the mommas showing our necklaces.

Here are our anklets :)

Our rings ;)

Here is the group shot of all of the children except for Sarah and Micah.

(From left to right) top of couch: Ian and Abram

couch: Cade, Tate, Cameron, Cai, and Luke

floor: Miriam, Levi, and Emma

After the ones on the floor did not want to cooperate we zoomed in on the boys who actually did most of the work anyway.

Our necklaces

(Not sure why they are turned this way because they are turned correctly in the file!)

Some of the anklets and rings that were completed.


Tracy said...

Wow! Awesome...loved that the boys participated too....fun! I think it's Konos you use? We used it for 2 terms of a co-op once...it was great!

Amy Shelby said...

We actually use Tapestry of Grace curriculum. This is our first year to use it and we enjoy it so far. We were using Covenant Home up to now which I really liked but it became too much with so many close in age. Trying unit studies so that we can learn some of our things together. Have fun in Destin!

Taryn said...

Very cool jewlery!!! Y'all did a great job. I especially like your rings and anklets!

Later Mater,