Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Cade!

Yesterday our oldest son, Cade, turned 9 years old. Our children typically have their parties in WM where both of our families live. My grandmother and my husband's grandmother are both still living and are not able to travel very well so we go there to visit and have a party. We normally do some little something for them here until then. We will be traveling there in a few weeks to celebrate again.
For breakfast, we took him to Ryan's breakfast buffet to celebrate his big day. The children love going to buffets. They can really pig out when given the opportunity.
Cai and Emma
Sarah waiting for her cereal.
Birthday boy, Cade, with his first plate of food.
Ian enjoying breakfast.
That is not a cup of coffee for him. It is the smallest cup that they had for him to drink his OJ.

Daddy and Cade
Caught them with food in their mouth!!

Cade with his ice cream cone while Dad helps Ian with one.

Ice cream for breakfast. Yippee!! What a birthday treat. Everyone enjoyed some ice cream for breakfast. Mommy with Sarah
Cade reading his cards from his Momma, brothers, Luke, grandmothers, and aunt. Tate with a mouth full of scrambled eggs.
Tate, Cai, and Emma
Cade opening his gift from the Lindsays while Tate and Ian check it out.
It was the book Teddy's Button and a Walmart gift card.Cade's handmade cards from Momma, Cade, Ian, Tate, Cai, and Luke.

Happy Birthday Cade!

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Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Cade!!!

Amy, you had a busy Saturday!!! I didn't realize you went to Ryan's before the baby shower. WOW!! You're an animal!

Loving Hugs,