Wednesday, October 22, 2008

M & M Moment

These are my M&Ms. I keep a stash up in the cabinet to snack on from time to time. Today, I had pulled the bag down to munch on after lunch. The children typically take baths on Wednesday afternoon after lunch so that they will be clean for church that night.
The children were bathing as usual but I forgot about the M&Ms on the counter. Emma had already had a bath and we had already dried her hair with the blow dryer. She was clean until she decided to climb on the stool and find my M&Ms!

She came to show me her mouth full of M&Ms and this is what I saw. She had chocolate running all down her body all the way to the floor. There was chocolate on the refrigerator and floor in the kitchen not to mention the floor in the bathroom. Then, she started spitting the M&Ms on the floor. What a mess???!!!

I had to put her back in the bath tub and bath her again. I tried to keep her hair from getting wet but she slipped in the tub and got her hair wet. Yep, I had to comb and dry her hair again! Always something exciting going on in the Shelby household:)


Tracy said...

Oh MY! Well, at least she chose something YUMMY to get into! My son got into my purse one time and ate my tub of lipstick!!!!

Laura said...

I know it's not funny... but it's funny! Girls do love some chocolate and I guess it was just too hard for her to resist ;) Love ya!