Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Woof Woof

Ian has a little puppy that he sleeps with every night. Anywhere we go overnight, Woof Woof goes with us. Woof Woof had been in our family since Cade was a baby. Someone gave Cade when he was little but he never liked him. Ian took right to him when he was tiny and has had him ever since.
They go through spells where they want to draw. Today he decided to draw a picture of Woof Woof in his drawing book.
Ian with Woof Woof and his 2nd drawing. He was getting ready for bed so of course he needed Woof Woof.

Ian with his 1st drawing of Woof Woof.

Woof Woof

1st drawing

He decided that he did not like this one because his brothers kept saying that Woof Woof was bleeding. He said the dots were his stuffing and the rest was his fur!

2nd drawing

I thought he did a very good job! By the way, his parents don't draw very well.

Also, Ian has said that he is going to keep Woof Woof until he grows up and will give him to his children. Not sure if Woof Woof will make it that long but it is sweet. (I've already glued his nose and eyes back on a while back and he was just recently sewed up to repair his seams. )


Money Talks said...

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Tracy said...

Sweet! And it's a Pound Puppy! The man who invented those is a MILLIONAIRE! A Family Friend married him a few years ago...they still make them too! Amazing!
I hope Woof Woof lasts until he is grown, he will be so special then!

Candi said...

Tell Ian that I still have my dog from when I was little. I got "Tonsilitus" when I was 1 and had my tonsils removed. I slept with him until I married "Uncle Craig".