Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is something new that a friend of mine showed me and thought I want to participate. Seeing that we have five boys and two girls ranging in age from 9 to 6 months so far. I will give it my best shot and you can take or leave the advice ;)
Mother Hen mentioned making room for several children in one room. Since this was fresh occurrence in our home, I thought I would share again. We just recently brought my husband's grandmother to live with us due to her declining health. We have hospice come out and help. Her health has declined rapidly this past month. In order to make room we had to clear out one of the children's rooms. We already had two sets of bunk beds in the other room for four of our boys. We needed to add three more people into the room. My husband added another bed to one of our bunk beds and made a triple decker bunk bed. (Click to see pictures of the bed.) This allows three children for this bed. The other bunk bed has one boy on top with the two boys (head to foot) on the bottom bed. This allows for a pack n play between the two beds up against the wall for the baby. There is plenty of room for the children with all of the boys clothes and stuff in there. The girls clothes are still in the room with Mammaw. We told her that she was in the girls room. Having more children requires creative thinking sometimes in order to make things work!

**Help for Growing Families was started to give advice or ideas for families with several children.**

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Mother Hen said...

Hi Amy, thanks so much for joining in today! :D I love the photos of your bunks. I always dreamed of the triple-bunk, but we never did it. Necessity certainly is the mother of invention.