Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cai's Camping Trip With Daddy

Last week Rob took our fourth son, Cai, camping for their 4 yo father and son camping trip. He started this back when Cade turned four and has continued with each boy after him. It is a time of learning with daddy and an experience to bump up their maturity somewhat at this time. When they become four, they are no longer in the nursery at church but come to worship with us. It has been a special time for Rob and each boy. We were a little behind on this one because Cai will turn five at the end of this month but he was still four so we are OK. Abram is already looking forward to his turn with Daddy next year.
Rob and Cai on their way to Fontainebleau State Park.

Each boy has been to a different state park for their camping trip except for Cai. This is the same place that Ian went however it had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina so it is not the same as when Ian went with daddy. Rob thought it would be good to check it out now that they have made their recovery.

Cai raking the leaves away from their tent site.

Helping with the tent.

Hanging around the playground.

Climbing on the playground.

These are just a few of the ducks they saw while camping.
Rob and Cai

(You'll notice that they used the auto timer to take several pictures together!)

Climbing a tree.

The park is along Lake Pontchartrain on the North Shore. You can see the long bridge in the background.

Rob said that Cai was fascinated with this big, old dead tree.

Bottom of the big tree.

Cai peeling the bark off of the tree.

Riding his bike down one of the trails.
(Rob and Cai took their bikes to explore the trails!)

They found this armadillo while camping. Cai said he saw two deer as well but they didn't get a picture of them.

One of the long piers out in the lake.

Rob and Cai at their site.

This is their tent.

Another pier out in the lake with a beach.

Cai and Rob in the tent.

Rob and Cai outside of the visitor's center. This was a really nice brick building that you can go to during the day and they have discussions about different things. It looked really neat.

Cai walking through the woods to the beach.

A deer track on the beach.

This is their sign for their trip.
(Cai & Dad Camping)
I tried to put a video on last night and this morning but it didn't work. I think there was a problem with Blogger.


Tracy said...

Looks like a great trip! Fun memories too!

Jenn said...

What a great trip for them! They got some good pictures in for some good memories.

Astrid said...

Sounds like you have enjoyed your family trip very much.