Monday, December 15, 2008

The Girls Room

One of our projects for Saturday was to put the bedroom back together for the girls. Yes, we get to have a girls room now. After we took down the bunk beds and crib out of the room and stored them in the attic to make a room for Mammaw, we made a triple bunk bed in the other room so that all seven children would fit in there while we took care of her. Since the triple bunk bed was already put together we decided to leave them for the boys and make a girls room for Emma and Sarah.
Emma in her bed!
We didn't put the top bunk back on yet because we need another mattress for it now that Cade is on the top of the triple bunk. Not a priority right now but we will eventually get one and put the top bunk on her bed.

Emma showing her bed with her ballerina bear and her blanket aka D D.

Emma showing you Sarah's bed. Sarah was very upset because she had woke up this morning and was ready to nurse.

The children in Abram's Sunday school room had made these signs last Sunday while we were out of town taking care of the funeral arrangements for Mammaw. Mrs. Pat had made an extra and let Abram bring it home. Since it was pink we decided we would put it in the girls room.

The girls room!
By the way, Emma was not excited about sleeping in the girls room on Saturday evening. She kept crying and getting out of her bed to go to the boys room. After some disciplining, she sleep well in her bed! I think shehas adjusted to her new room. :)


Taryn said...

The girls room looks great! Are pink walls in the near future?

Tracy said...

She will adjust...little cutie! And some day be SO glad not to be in the boys room! LOL!