Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Animal Hospital Field Trip

Yesterday, we went to an animal hospital for a homeschool field trip. This was a beautiful animal hospital in the middle of town. While we were there they took us through each area of the hospital. It turned out to be a great field trip. They did a great job for our children. We were one of the largest groups they had at their clinic. I think our children did well and learned a lot.
Our group outside the animal hospital just before going in. We had 52 children and that was after three families had to cancel!

In the entrance of the animal hospital. Everything was clean, updated, and beautiful.

Dr. Stevens showed us a mold of Mike the Tiger V's teeth.
(Go LSU!)

Dr. Stevens was showing the children different teeth from different animals that they had extracted.


Cameron showing me a dog's tooth. Can you believe that they are really that long in their mouth??? We only see a little tooth but there is really a lot more hidden in their gums.

Tate was asking a question about one of the teeth he was holding. Turns out that it was a tooth with a tumor in it.

Dr. Stevens showed the children an ultrasound of a heart.

Live surgery!!!
This poor dog was having her female organs removed. FYI, that is her uterus in the doc's hand.

Showing us where they put the animals to sleep before surgery.

Another picture of the children watching the ultrasound.

This is where the animals go after surgery.

Some of the children in an examining room.

Getting to see different x-rays from different animals. They were able to see an x-ray of a cat with kittens, a cat that had swallowed a fish hook, some broken bones, and a dog that had swallowed a needle plus a lot more.

This little dog had a tumor on her abdomen and was getting ready to be put to sleep for surgery.

This is where you can spend the bigger bucks to board your animal in a special suite instead of a kennel. Each room has a theme.
Inside one of the suites.
This is the Mardi Gras suite. Each one has its own TV, dog bed, rug, and you can pick which channel your pet watches. Also they had web cams that could be set up for you to watch your pet while you're gone!
BTW, this is too much for me. Do these people have children or are these pets their children? Just curious!

These dogs were in the hotel. There were animals in the motel too.
That's how we classified the kennels. (Motels, Hotels, and Suites)

Check out this Great Dane!

This was a puppy up for adoption. Wasn't he cute!

Some of the children talking to the puppy. I think most of the children would have taken him home if their parents would have let them.

The dog in the background was getting a shower!
It was great field trip and everyone had a great time. Thank you so much Sherwood South Animal Hospital!!!


Laura said...

OK, Amy we are one of those families who likes that people want to spend big bucks boarding their feeds our family :)

Your also right most but not all don't have children who pamper their pooch. I could tell you stories for days, really it's funny to me. We love dogs but see them as pets...not our children. But again we have been blessed with a quiver, so easy for me to say. We try our best to care for the pooches that have been entrusted to us, just like their owner would. We are thankful for their business!

Amy said...

I hope I didn't offend you! I did think of your family when I made the comment but regardless it is amazing how much money people will spend on their pets! I agree that we should take care of animals because they are part of God's creation. However he gave us dominion over them so they are not the same as us if you know what I mean.