Monday, January 5, 2009

BIG Mess - Final Update

Well the BIG Mess saga is complete. We decided to put tile down in our closet instead of replacing carpet. This would allow no more messes if the toilet were to overflow ever again. Rob did the tile work himself and he did a great job. Thank you My Love!

Rob measuring the tile to cut.

Rob cutting the tile with a wet tile saw.

The tile is laid and set.

Cleaning the grout off of the tile.

The tile is finished! You can see that we went with a brown tile to pull out the brown in the bathroom tile. We thought this would be better than trying to match the tile. We matched the grout to the bathroom grout so that it just flows into the closet naturally.

Finished Tile

One job down and a million more to do in order to get our house ready to put on the market. We will keep preserving but most will not be completed until we move out. Our house is not in terrible shape but it does need some painting and some sheet rock repair because 9 of us live in this 1500 sq. foot house. It is definitely a house that has been lived in.
When we built this house almost 11 years ago we would have never thought we would still be here or that we would have 7 blessings in it as well. We have truly loved and enjoyed his home.


Taryn said...

Rob did a great job. The tile looks great!!!

Tracy said...

Looks great, glad it's now "taken care of!"

Anonymous said...

He did a great job!! Good idean on the tile color.