Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Busy!

Well tomorrow is the big day. We are scheduled to close on the new house tomorrow morning. My friend, Taryn, is going to watch most of the children (a couple of the older ones are going to help me) for the day. The plan is to drop them off early in the morning and come back to the house and put as much stuff as I can in the van such as the clothes from the closets and cleaning supplies. After the closing, we are going to head over to the new house to do some cleaning. Rob is going back to work and Mrs. Pat, our pastor's wife, is going to meet me there to help out.
Rob decided we were going to sleep at the new house that night so he has arranged for someone to help him that evening. They will be loaded all of the beds and maybe a few other things. The children are very excited!!
Saturday morning will be the BIG move. Several men will be meeting Rob at the old house to load everything else and do the moving for the day. My friend, Candi, is going to watch most of the children except for Cade and Ian for most of the day while we do the moving. ZeeZee, Candi's mom, is providing lunch for the all of the helpers on Saturday. I'm so grateful for all of the help that has been provided. Hopefully everything will transition smoothly.
Today the children and I are going to be trying to pack the rest of the stuff that needs to go in boxes. It is very busy around here. We done some school this week but today will just be spelling test and packing. School will be put on hold for a few days until next week.
I have scheduled a few post for the next few days but probably won't have much time to do much blogging for the next couple of days. Maybe I'll have some pictures of the move later not sure because I won't be at the old house while they are moving. I'll be at the new house unloading and directing boxes.


Laura said...

Lots to do, Praying all goes smooth!

Tracy said...

I pray the closing is smooth and easy and everything gets done!

Anonymous said...

We're praying here too! Hope it all goes well. Wish we were there to help out - just keep saying to yourself . . . "it'll all be worth it!" And rejoice over how the Lord has provided so wonderfully for your family.

Jenn said...

Praying all goes very smoothly for you!! I know you must be soooo excited! Don't forget to rest somewhere along the way!!!