Monday, January 12, 2009

Our New House ~ More Pictures

OK, here are more pictures of our new home. I feel a little weird posting these however I have had several emails adking for more pictures. Also, my family (none of our family lives down here) would like to see more pictures as well. So humor me a little because it is easier to post pictures in one place!

Front of house

Cade and Ian doing some school work while we wait for the realtor to come unlock the doors!

The boys at the top of the staircase leading to their rooms.


Dining room

Walk-in pantry

Living room

(We probably won't use it much at all because of Rob's allergies!)

Bookcase and cabinets in living room

Sitting area

Breakfast area

Master bedroom

Sitting area in master bedroom

One side of the master bath

The other side of the master bath

Guest bedroom aka Emma and Sarah's room
(We are going to keep the girls downstairs for now!)

Guest bathroom

Patio area
(Looking out of the kitchen/sitting area/breakfast area. That holly tree was blown over and needs to be propped back up.)

One of the boys rooms

sink area for that room above

Bathroom for both of the rooms upstairs

Sink area for the other boys room

The other boys room

Looking down the hall upstairs

Secret area under the stairs...can you see Emma!

Back of the house

Raccoon print on the electrical box outside between our house and the neighbor's house!

Dead armadillos way in the back of our yard!
(Yes, we will have critters in our yard. We found out that one of the neighbors probably killed these two armadillos because they were tearing up the flowerbeds!)

Way back in our yard


Jennifer said...

WOW!! The pantry!! Every cook's dream!! And that kitchen!! Congrats!!

Tracy said...

Love the pantry and kitchen...gonna have loads of room for everyone!!! Yuck on the dead animals!

Laura said...

Beauitful & Spacious!!!!

Jenn said...

This is simply beautiful!! The pantry is worth the whole house. Very nice indeed!

Amy said...

Thank you so much! We are very excited about the move. The boys have already found a good spot for a zipline!!! See why we needed a bigger yard:)

Anonymous said...

I DO love that walk in pantry and the spacious Master Bath, and more...but having known how "creative" your boys have been in playing together, even in the small yard you have had, I have to say I'm looking forward to hearing of all the adventures they will have around there...animal tracks and dead critters...every boy's dream! : ) Julie

Anonymous said...

hi Amy !! Congratulations on your beautiful new home.

Your family is so precious!!

God is an awesome God!!!

He keeps his promises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I would love to know who wrote the anonymous person was so if you get this comment, please let me know. BTW, thank you!