Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Silly Fun

Tonight I stayed home from church with our youngest four children. Cai, Abram, and Emma have had stomach problems from the back side since yesterday so we decided to stay home while the others went to church. Sarah has been very irritable too. She is teething along with a runny nose but not the same issues as the others. Here is some of the fun they had tonight.

Cai and Abram

Emma, Cai, and Abram
They don't look like they feel bad. In fact, they have been playing like normal along with a normal appetite. They aren't running any fever either. They just go to the bathroom more than usual!! ( I know too much information!)

See Sarah's runny nose. Poor little Sarah! Her cheeks always turn red when she gets snot on her face. She plays as well but fussy more than normal.

This was our evening. How was yours?

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Jenn said...

Poor babies! I would have stayed home too. Hopefully it runs its course pretty quickly. Looks like they were enjoying the night though.