Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1st Ultrasound

Today I went for my first OB visit with my midwife for the baby. With all that has been going on around here she allowed me to combine my first visit with my first ultrasound. They like to do a first trimester ultrasound on me especially since I'm still nursing Sarah. Sometimes this causes the due date to be off because your body is off.
The baby looked great. Everything looks good except that the due date was a week and a couple of days off. I should have been 9 weeks and 2 days but instead I am 8 weeks. We changed the due date from Sept. 13th to Sept. 22nd. Remember what I said about nursing and the due date! This is the second time that this has happened where the due date was changed.
By the way, Abram was hoping for two boys and two girls but there is only one baby. The children have been on a twin kick and were hoping for twins because our friend, Taryn, is expecting twin boys. Sorry Abram but the Lord just gave us one baby this time!
Right after the ultrasound there was a power outage. Turns out that a substation had blew and the power was going to be out for a while. I talked to my midwife and she had no concerns for me so I will go back in 4 weeks for a regular check-up and have all the stuff done then that would have been done today!
The children went to Candi's today while I was gone to the midwife. She did some of their Tapestry work with all of the children and they made sling shots. You'll have to check out her blog to see pictures from this activity.
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Laura said...

Your post reminds me of my day! I went to the OB today for my second visit 1st ultrasound. You know I said 10 weeks well, I'm NOT I'm just 9weeks,so you see we both have a set back. We really shou;d live closer :)

Allison said...

So sweet Amy. Praying for a continued healthy delivery.
Be blessed

Tracy said...

YEAH! Sweet Baby Shelby's first picture of MANY!!

Jenn said...

What a precious picture! I'm excited to see more as they come and as the baby grows bigger.