Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Mess by Emma!

This morning the children and I went grocery shopping at our new Wal-mart to get some much needed groceries. After we got back from the store, I tried to unload the groceries. While unloading the groceries, the cable guys showed up to install our cable/phone/Internet services so it was very busy around here. I had bought Sarah a new snack to try out and decided to go ahead and give them to her. While I was out of the room helping the cable guys, Emma decided to give Sarah some more. In fact, she decided to give her the entire can!!
Needless to say, Sarah enjoyed them and it held her off from nursing while the cable guys were here. I savaged as many as I could so I didn't have to empty the container in one shot! My little Emma was trying to be a big helper...I'm sure that is what she was doing;) She enjoyed them, too.


Jenn said...

This is soooo funny.I'll have to post my mess I had at my house today too. Mine was fruit loops though!!

Tracy said...

oh man! Those "helpers"! LOL!

Taryn said...

Emma's got to break that new house in right!!! Too funny!