Monday, February 23, 2009

Church Skating Fellowship

Friday night we went skating as a church fellowship at one of the local skating rinks, Skate Galaxy. A group of us from church met up there and had a good time. It was "Christian" skate night meaning they played "Christian" music though you couldn't understand most of the words and part of that could have been the sound system. The other part would be a lot of music I've never heard before. It was a good mix of popular songs from the radio, old songs from the radio, and rap. We had a lot of fun especially the children. My children love the opportunity to go roller blading at the rink. We don't go often maybe once a year but it is always something exciting they look forward to do.

Abram just getting on the skating floor.

Mrs. Starr with Emma




This is the large play area for the kids to play on in between skating or for those who can't skate or are too young to skate. It has a little rink in it so that the young ones who aren't quite ready for the big one can skate here.

I couldn't get great pictures. The lighting did not help me at all and I couldn't figure out a setting to help me out.

The Lindsays getting ready to skate.





Levi put on skates for a short time and practiced on the carpet with Candi.

Amy and Ella


Skating blur

More blur

Melody and Anna

Abram out on the rink with his roller blades!


Candi and Levi

Candi taking a picture of me while I'm taking a picture of her:)

Pawpaw Rick helping Miriam with her skates.

Sarah on the floor crawling around.

Aunt Pat and Uncle Herbie in the arcade with some of the children.
My aunt and uncle came in that night to visit for the weekend so they met us at the skating rink and watched the kids skate.

Emma thinks she's driving this car on the game.


Uncle Herbie playing Ms. Pacman!!
My Man!!!

Craig and Candi


Me and Sarah

Emma enjoying an Icee!


Jenn said...

Seems like y'all had a great time! What fun skating is!!

Taryn said...

Looks like y'all had fun! We missed out!