Monday, February 2, 2009

A Quick Note!

Hello all! It has been a long past couple of days with the move. Friday and Saturday we were very busy. Thankfully for Sunday we worshipped our Lord and had a day of rest! Today started back with more business.
Friday after I dropped off most of the children, I came back to the house and loaded our 15 passenger van to the max!! Cade, Ian, and I left and went to Walmart to pick up a few things and then went to the closing. After the closing, I picked us up some lunch and headed to the new house. Mrs. Pat, our pastor's wife, was there waiting on us to help us clean along with the men dropping off my new refrigerator. (My husband bought me a new one so that it would match my black appliances in the new house!!!) We were going to keep the other one in our washroom so that it would give us more storage space but it won't fit in that space. It is made for a stand up freezer which is not as big as my side by side refrigerator. Oh well, we might sell that one pretty cheap so that we can buy a smaller refrigerator that will fit in that space.
Back to that day!!! We came in, ate lunch, and then got to cleaning. I'm so thankful for Mrs. Pat because without her we wouldn't have finished the job that day. We got all of the floors and bathrooms cleaned! I finally left the house during rush hour traffic and finally made it back to Taryn's house to nurse Sarah and pick up the kids. It was close to 6 pm and so Taryn feed us dinner. Thank you Taryn for supper!! It was a lifesaver that night. After dinner, we loaded up and headed back to the new house. Meanwhile, Rob and a friend were at the old house loading up the beds and some other stuff so that we could spend the first night in our new house. It was a late night for us. We didn't get in bed until around or little after midnight.
On Saturday, Rob got up early and went back to the old house with the BIG Ryder truck to meet the guys who were helping us move. The children and I got up, dressed, I nursed Sarah, picked up donuts, and dropped the children off at Candi's for the day. She watch the children all day just like Taryn did the day before. After I left Candi's house, I drove to the old house to fill up the van again. The men were busy working like little bees. We all headed back to the new house with a loaded van, two loaded trucks, a loaded trailer, and a BIG Ryder truck. ZeeZee, Candi's mom, brought lunch over for everyone so we ate lunch and started unloading again. After the men were through, Rob and I went to Walmart and grab a few items for the house along with some groceries. He went and dropped off the Ryder truck and I went to rescue Candi, I mean pick up my children.
Thank you to Chad, William, Cesar, Pawpaw Rick, and Craig for helping move our stuff! Thank you to Taryn and Candi for watching my children! Thank you ZeeZee for providing lunch for us on Saturday! Thank you Mrs. Pat for helping me clean the new house.
By the way, my internet use is very limited right now due to lack of time and the fact that I will not have my phone, cable, and Internet services hooked up until Friday afternoon/evening. Hopefully we will get back to normal soon.
We are in the new house with boxes everywhere and the garage is full of stuff that needs a place. Several of the children are still sleeping on their mattresses and not their beds but we will get everything together soon. We can't figure out how we want the dining room set up or the living room especially since we want to get new furniture for that room and move some of the furniture now into the sitting area. It will all fall in to place shortly but it just takes time however I would love to be able to wiggle my nose and have everything put away and in its place!!!


Tracy said...

Glad to hear everything went smooth! I was thinking and praying for you often during the weekend! You will get it all in place!

Jenn said...

What a busy weekend. I was praying for you though. Glad to hear things went well and that y'all are sleeping sound in your new home.

Taryn said...

You are so welcomed, Amy!!! Your children are a true blessing and I enjoyed having them for the day. And I'm glad you could stay for dinner. Let me know if you'd like a day to get organized. I'd love to keep your kiddos again for you. See ya soon!!!