Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 Eleven

Today I had my 7 plus 4 of Christine's children. She just had a c-section about a week and a half ago in which she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I took them for the day to help her out. That was a total of 7 boys and four girls ages 9 and below. They have had a great time. The children played outside, watched a movie, and napped or had quiet time.

Here is a group shot of all of them.

Emma and Katie

Caleb and Cai

Tate and Caleb

Kaylyn and Elijah

Silly Abram

Little Sarah

Cade, Ian, and Kaylyn
While the other children were laying down napping or having quiet time, Cade and Ian worked on their spelling words. Kaylyn sat and looked at books. They later went out to play after a little time of drawing.
Say cheese!

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Lori Dupre Jackson said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! What a sweet bunch of kids. I really hope we can find a good church family here. I'm forever grateful to William for just the honor of knowing you ladies!