Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Sweet Baby Boy
5 lbs. 11.9 ozs
18 in. long
Today my friends, Christine and AJ, had their fifth child. A sweet baby boy. He doesn't have a name yet but that's ok he is a wonderful blessing. They had been told that their child would be born with Downs Syndrome. To some that would have been a tragedy but to them it was a blessing just the same. They loved this little blessing no matter how the Lord gave him to them.
We have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of this sweet baby boy though we didn't know whether it would be a boy or a girl. They like to be surprised! Not only did they hear It's a Boy! but they heard that he was perfectly healthy. They would have been great parents to him whether he was "perfect" or whether he was "special". They truly have a heart for the Lord and trust Him in all things with all things.
It made me ponder. How many people are told that their child has Downs or something else and they simply abort or shall I say "kill" their baby because he/she is not "perfect"? Had this been some other couple they may have chosen that path and in the end there was nothing wrong with him. Children are a blessing from the Lord no matter what the outcome is. He knits them in their mother's womb and creates this special little person. We should cherish each one no matter how they are given to us. My friends have been a testimony of just that.
Congratulations Christine and AJ!
We love you and are very excited for you:)


Allison said...

Amen to that. What a testimony the faithful are. Isn't it amazing how we get to be a part of God's plan. I pray the docotrs are not so quick to send a mother into despare when it may not be the case. Welcome to the world baby.

Jennifer said...

I have been following a blog about a young girl who was told her baby was going to be born without a brain. Everyone, including doctors told her to abort the baby, but she choose to love her child no matter what! Her baby is 13 days old now and doing well. What a blessing!! The Lord's will shall be done!! if your interested.