Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing in the Backyard ~ Boys

This evening the boys were out in the backyard playing so I decided to go out and take some pictures. They have been having so much fun in their new backyard building forts and stuff. They found this tree that made a great place to make their fort. They being Cade, Ian, and Tate. They told Cai and Abram that you had to be 6 yo or older to come in. I can't believe they are not sharing with their little brothers. Not sure what they are going to do when it is time for snakes to be in these places. Really not sure what I'm going to do if and when they find a snake.

This is Ian's "room". Look closely because he took palmetto leaves and weaved them through the branches for his part of the fort. I thought that was very clever. We read Swiss Family Robinson two books back and they just recently watched the movie. I think this has inspired their new interest!

This is Tate's "room".

This is Cade's swing attached to his "room".

This inside Cade's "room".

Tate hanging on Cade's side.

Ian on Tate's side.

Abram is hanging from a tangle of metal. It used to be some type of swing set from the neighbor's yard but the tornado that came through during Hurricane Gustav ripped it out and twisted up and landed in our yard. They haven't moved it yet so the kids have had fun hanging and climbing on it.

As you can see, they are having lots of fun. Emma likes to play on this tangled swing set but she was still napping during picture time.

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Tracy said...

How fun! We love the Swiss Family Robinson and Caddie Woodlawn, great books!