Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boys Getting Haircuts

Some of you may wonder who cuts my boys' hair. In most large families, I have noticed that the moms cut their children's hair but I do not. At least, I haven't had to yet. Mrs. Jeanie has been doing my hair for around 11 years now. Almost since we moved to this area. She is a very sweet lady and she has a shop in her backyard behind her house. She use to live a little farther away and then she moved to DS and was only just a hop, skip and a jump from our house. Now we live on the other side of "the red stick" and she is much farther. She gives us a great deal for the kids haircuts and still does my hair. For the price, I can't really pass it up and take a chance of me messing up their hair. Rob use to go to her but she taught him how to cut his own hair so that is what he does since he cuts it every 2-3 weeks. He does it all except I check the back and trim around the edges to neaten it up. She would teach me how to do the boys hair but I'm not really ready to add that to my list of things to do plus Rob likes how they get their hair cut.
I have been meaning to take my camera with us one time to capture this on camera but always forget. They usually get their hair cut every 3-4 weeks depending on our schedule.

Mrs. Jeanie cutting Tate's hair. She didn't really want to be on camera so I didn't take a close-up or make her smile! It was disclosed to her that pictures would be on the blog:)


Too bad I didn't catch him this time complaining about getting hair in his mouth. Him and Cai are always talking then they get hair in their mouth. Next, they try to get it out but use the cape and get more hair in their mouth. It is a losing battle with them. I think Tate made it today with "no hair in the mouth" complaints.

He likes to have a toy in his hand while he is getting his haircut. Mrs. Jeanie has a basket of toys in her shop for the kids.

This is a tradition that she started when Cade was little and the first one getting haircuts. She ALWAYS has them a treat or snack after they get their haircut. I don't think she does that for every child but it is a habit for mine. She created it and keeps it up.

Always smiling!!

This is what my kids do while they are waiting to get a hair cut or go home. They play in her big backyard or in her gravel driveway.

Not sure what kind of face he was making for the camera?

Emma likes to play with the toys but won't go outside because of her dog. Emma is not a fan of animals. Not sure why because we try to get her to pet them but she wants nothing to do with them. She always wants her haircut too. Sometimes she will sit in Mrs. Jeanie's chair and Mrs. Jeanie will fix or pretend to fix her hair. Emma hasn't had a hair cut but our boys seem to start early.
Sarah walking around with a toy.

Playing with a toy and looking at Mrs. Jeanie.
Hope you enjoyed our afternoon of haircuts. Always an adventure with the Shelbys!
Who cuts your kids hair?

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