Friday, April 17, 2009

A Cage

There is NEVER a dull moment when you're in a house full of children especially five boys in row. Today while I was unloading groceries, Emma runs in saying, "Lizard, lizard, there's a lizard Mommy!" I went outside to see what was going on not because of the lizard but because of the boys.
You see there seems to be a colony of lizards that live on and around our new house. You can usually spot two to three or more around the front doors or shutters at any given time. This seems to fascinate the boys!! This week has had a lizard theme. Tate caught one in his hand and carried it around for a while and Ian wanted to make a cage for it.
Well today, I found a lizard who has been named Lizzie caught in a homemade Magnetix cage made with love by Ian. Tate caught the lizard and Ian provided the cage.

Here is the cage.

Can you see Lizzie?
I tried to get a picture that was clear enough of the lizard but it was hard to get it too clear with this pattern of Magnetix. I almost caught a side view of the cage with Lizzie sticking his head out but my camera would not take the picture. Don't you hate that when that happens! I'm not quite sure what causes this problem but I experience it a lot.

Ian lifted up a door of the cage so that I could see inside the cage but once again my camera would not take the picture. Then, Lizzie jumped out and ran away to safety.

Here is a picture of Lizzie before he ran quickly to the top of the house for safety.

What will be next?

Sometimes I'm scared to ask! :)


Jenn said...

Very creative little cage they built there. Don't you just love boys???

Tracy said...

WOW! Awesome!

Candi said...

great job on the cage...but I feel sorry for any little animal around the Shelby thing you know Cai is going to have a gator in a cage...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Was there a lizard assignment this week I missed? You and Ladybug both!