Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping - Day 1

We went camping at the Feliciana Retreat Center on Thursday thru Saturday with several families from our church. We usually go camping with the church twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). We usually go to one of the state parks in the fall and for the past two years we have gone to FRC in the spring. We always have a lot of fun with families and friends.
Rob wasn't able to go up with us on Thursday because he had to work all day so he met up with us that night. That meant that I had to go with the kids alone and have tents set up without Rob. Cade and Ian were able to put up the two boys tents by themselves this year and Pastor Dale and Cesar put our big tent up for me. Thank you so much Pastor Dale and Cesar!!
Our friends, The Lindsays, came camping with us again this year so we followed each other up to FRC. Two of their boys rode with me so that they could come in their truck and not bring two vehicles. We stopped and ate McDonald's on our way before getting there to set up. The kids had a lot of fun. Wished I had brought my camera inside but I didn't. One of the employees asked if we were a daycare. :) We told them no just two families. I guess we looked like a daycare group since there were only three adults and 12 children 9 and under.
Most of the first day is getting set up and situated. At the FRC, there is a large pavilion that we set up our tents around and are able to all eat and fellowship under the pavilion with picnic tables. They also have a large ring of benches where you sit around the camp fire and a play area for the children.

Ian raking up the leaves so that they can set up their tent on a flat surface.

Candi sitting on a blanket with Micah and Luke while their tent gets set up.

Mrs. Pat (our pastor's wife) with her daughter, Amy, and her granddaughter, Ella. They had already set up their tents.

This were their tents.

Sarah was very unhappy because she was tired and couldn't take her nap until our tent got set up.

Setting up the boys tents.

Cade and Ian in front of one of their tents. We had Cade and Tate in a tent and Ian, Cai, and Abram in the other tent. Rob had the girls in his tent.

Inside Cade and Tate's tent.

Abram is showing the inside of his tent that he shared with Ian and Cai.

Cesar and Pastor Dale setting up our tent. Mrs. Pat was helping them some too.

Grace showing you the skink she found in the grass.

Some of the kids playing.

Ian and Tate being silly!

Cooking dinner for the Shelbys and the Lindsays.
We planned our meals together to help out with the cooking gear.
This is only the second time that the Lindsays have been camping so we share our stuff with them.
First day's supper was Mexican.
Above you see our beans, taco meat, and rice.
Chips, salsa, guacamole, and bean dip as extras.

Quesadillas for some of the kids.
We used the griddle to heat up the tortillas so that we could have burritos, too.

Candi's Cowboy Caviar
Abram after some marshmallows around the camp fire.

Playing UNO.

Laura playing UNO with some of the children. I joined them after that game.

Candi and I
We were still looking fresh that day. Neither one of us took showers while we were there so we'll see how we look the next two days! By the way, this was the first time I didn't take a shower on Day 2. We did have showers available to us but I did not use them by the time we got finished with all of the activities on Day 2.
Stay tuned for Day 2 posts which will include pictures from canoeing and the rock wall!

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