Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Picnic Lunch

Today the kids wanted to have a picnic outside for lunch. It was a little cloudy and cooler today which is not such a bad day for a picnic here in Cajun country. ( I can really say Cajun country since Rob, Cade and Ian saw an alligator toward the back of our slough on Sunday!) I decided that I would let them picnic so I made sandwiches for lunch, put the table cloth on the ground, and picnicked.

We decided to let Sarah join us since it was time for her bottle. She kept trying to get their food instead.

Can you see Cade trying to put Sarah back down to drink her bottle? We finally had to move her to her walker so she would drink her bottle. Being all up in the mix was too tempting to her and way more exciting than her bottle!

What did you do for lunch today?


Tracy said...

I really skipped it...but had a Bannana and some chips so I wouldn't be starving before dinner.

Kids had pizza rolls.

BTW- we used to do this ALL the time and even in the living room on rainy of hot days...the kids loved it.

Candi said...

My kids and the Erwins ate outside as well...which we do alot these days...less mess for me to clean up inside

Jenn said...

Jason, Caleb and I had Chick-Fil-A after a 3 1/2 hour doctor visit.

We love having picnics at our house. Glad the kiddos had a good time.

8)(8 said...

It sounds like you have some interesting creatures in your backyard as well.