Monday, April 20, 2009

Pray For Stellan

This is our contribution to Stellan's name gallery. If you haven't looked at it you should check it out.
Stellan and his family need your prayers tomorrow morning. He will be having a very risky surgery on his heart tomorrow in Boston around 8:30 am Boston time. Please lift him and his family up. His mom and grandfather are with him at the hospital while his dad and three other siblings are back in Minneasota.
This is a portion from a post about the surgery:
During surgery, the electrophysiologist will work from the inside of Stellan's heart to trigger SVT using electricity. Having Stellan off as many anti-arrhythmics as possible will be better so as not to hinder that triggering. Once SVT has been triggered, the goal will be to map, identify and then destroy the accessory electrical pathway(s) on Stellan's heart that are causing his problems.
To read more and to keep updated with the situation click here.

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