Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing at the Park

Saturday we were supposed to have a church kickball/picnic fellowship at one of the local parks but due to the rain in that area the park was flooded and it was canceled. My kids were bummed especially since we had only gotten a few drops of rain over the same period of time. It was hot and dry at our house.
Rob and the boys worked in the yard for most of the morning and some of the afternoon. A friend of ours father let us borrow his tractor for a while to do some work that we want to do in our backyard so Rob had to experiment it with it as well for a short time.
After nap time, Rob decided we would take the kids to a dry park around our area. These a just "few" pictures that I took of the kids while we were there.



Look at that hair blowing.

It was cloudy off and on with some thunder rumblings in the background but not rain.


I love her hair sticking straight up when you push her in the swing fast.

She loved going fast!!

Tate hanging around.

Cade climbing on the slide.

Silly Cai

Cai coming down the slide.

This is how he ended up at the bottom!


Sarah playing in the sand!

Sarah eating the sand!

Tate hanging upside down.

Abram and Cai decided to join him!

Emma was getting bounced around.

Daddy put Sarah on the big play area.

Trying to figure everything out.

Cade and Ian horsing around.

Tate took Sarah for a slide.

Then, he took her to the sand again.

Sweet Sarah
They had a great time. The boys and daddy kicked the soccer ball around for a short time and then they went to a baseball field and had a short game of kickball. After we left the park, we drove through McDonald's to grab some supper. It allowed us to go home eat quickly and bath everyone before bed. They had to have a bath after playing in the sand because they had it everywhere from head to toe!
(That is why I dislike play areas with sand!!!)


Tracy said...

fun and you got some great pictures!

Jenn said...

You got some wonderful pictures!! Looks like y'all had an absolute blast!!