Monday, May 18, 2009

Turtle Eggs Update

This is an update about the turtle eggs that were laid in our yard. Remember I thought it would be a great idea if we were able to protect the eggs and possibly get a chance to see them hatch. Though it wasn't his preference, Rob set up a make shift barrier for me and the children. It won't necessarily keep out the snakes but it will keep out the other critters.

This is an a hanging basket that we used last year to grow upside down tomatoes. He turned it upside down to make a barrier then used the extra bricks to secure it from critters.

The holes are bigger than chicken wire or screening which would allow a snake but this is what we already had at home.

Saturday, they added another barrier which would allow us to see the turtles if they hatch. Thinking they won't be able to climb out since they will be small.

So far, they are still there. The research I did said at least 90 days so this will be a long process. Hope they really hatch. The eggs seem really little so I hope they make it. They must be pretty tiny when they hatch.

Has anyone else ever hatched any turtle eggs? If so, let us know what to expect or your experience. Thanks!

I'll keep you updated if there are any changes!


Jenn said...

I definitely think they are protected now!

Anonymous said...

My sons just got two turtles from someone that had this happen in their yard. They actually dug the nest up and placed it in a container. After about 3.5 months they figured they hadn't hatched and dug them out to find newly hatched turtles! They raised them and just gave some of them away (they are two years old now).