Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Field Trip ~ Part 1

Today we took a field trip to our local zoo. We've been there a lot in the past but have never had an educational program for us. We've always just met, walked around, ate lunch, played at the play area and rode the train. I thought if I'm scheduling a field trip to the zoo then we ought to try and learn something extra while we are there.
I scheduled one of their ed-zoo-cation programs for our group. We learned about the Fantastic
Five today. It was a class about the five different animal groups.

This is a picture of our group. We had 24 adults and 45 students. It was a nice group. The zoo had a maximum limit of 30 students for the program. They were very flexible with us since we were homeschoolers who have to bring all of our little ones with us. They only counted Pre-K thru 12th graders for students which allowed us to have a bigger group.

Some of the kids after we walked in the zoo looking at the new globe water fountain while we were heading to the program.

Getting ready for the program.

The speaker talking to the children.

Showing us a ferret.

Each child was able to touch the animals as she walked around with each of them.

Sarah making herself comfortable during the program.

A baby alligator

Abram and Cameron


Tate and Luke


This is a full grown owl who is 15 years old. They normally only live to be around 8 years old.
We were not able to pet this animal or the tomato frog. I tried to get a picture of the frog but it just looked like a red blob in the cage.

A bird's beak skull

A sea turtle's shell
You can see the back bone of the turtle.

The speaker had a table full of different items for the kids to see and touch.

Ella and Amy
Little Ella is going to be so smart. She was learning all about animals at her young age of 7 months.

A stuffed snapping turtle

The program was very good. She did a great job speaking to all of the different age groups.
After the program, most of the families split up and went their own way throughout the zoo. The next post will be of pictures of some of the animals we saw during our visit.


Anonymous said...

You got some great shots too! I love going to the zoo!

Jenn said...

Great pictures and what a great attendance!

Tracy said...

tooo bad we missed it AGAIN! Looks like a great time!