Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Levi and Micah's Party

Saturday we went to Candi's house for a birthday party. It was for Levi's 2nd and Micah's 1st birthday. As always, Candi went out of her way and created a fantastic party. She loves doing this and has a knack at it. The theme was a Knight and Princess party.

The Italian "Castle" Cream Cake

This was for the grown-ups!

Levi's #2 cupcakes

Micah's #1 cupcakes

The party sweet table

The party lunch food
Here is Eric mixing up the Cesar salad for lunch. The food was all Italian and it was delicious!

One of the napkins

Micah's personal birthday cake for her 1st birthday.
Candi, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Eric made the cakes and cupcakes.

Micah on her throne getting to eat her cake.

Trying to be neat and taking her time checking it out.
The men wanted to know if we were going to use the doll's hair for the candle!!

Levi's getting ready to blow out his #2 candle.

He needed a little help.

Abram getting ready to enjoy his cupcake!

Looks like he was enjoying it:)

Levi getting instructions on how to hit the pinata.

Princess Miriam getting it her best shot.

Abram whacked it really good but it didn't bust. The Shelbys take it very serious when it comes to whacking a pinata!!

Cameron having fun trying to bust it.

Here goes another Shelby.
Tate busted it open but we let a few more take a few more swings to knock the candy all over the ground.

Can you see some of the candy dropping?

There's the candy barely hanging on.

Trying to knock the candy out.

Gathering the candy.

Filling up their bags with as much candy as they can get their hands on.

Princess Emma with a sucker.

That's more like it. Now you can tell that she enjoyed the cake!

The was Miriam's shirt for the party. We said Emma needed one too.
It said, "Little Princess with a Big Attitude!"

A clean Micah in her second birthday outfit getting ready to open presents.

Sir Levi
Isn't he stinking cute!!!
It was a great party and everyone had a great time. Thanks Candi for another great party. Can't wait to see the next theme.

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