Monday, June 1, 2009

Music Camp

Today I took Cade, Ian, and Tate to a music day camp for the week. They will be there everyday M-F from 9-3PM. They were excited about going. It is a performance arts camp at Candi's church. They will be learning a musical and getting to try out for different parts if they so chose. They will have the final performance on Friday evening for the families to come and see the musical. The ones in charge of this camp actually write the musicals, music and words. So, it is all original stuff and they are very talented people. Looking forward to seeing out it turns out on Friday.
This is their first time to go to a day camp or anywhere without me, Rob, a family member, or close friend of mine so I'm interested to see how it goes. I hope they will be obedient and respectful young boys! Meanwhile, I am at home with all of the younger ones and no this will not be a vacation. It takes more work with the littles because my biggers are not around to help out. It will still be a fun time to spend some other time with them and to teach them some new responsibilities and give them an opportunity to step and be the BIG helpers.

Ian, Tate, and Cade

This was taken right before we loaded up to drop them off for their first day at music camp!


Michellle said...

The boys will have a wonderful time! BTW....I love you new look(on your blog)!

Jenn said...

They're going to do awesome. I thought about putting Hannah in one of these this year, but then changed my mind at the last minute. I'm going to wait till Aaron can join her.