Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robot Field Trip

Today we went on a field to the library in one of the nearby parishes to hear a local homeschooler talk about his science project. Not only his he a homeschooler but he won the State Science Fair for Robotics this year. He talked to the kids about his project, showed them different robots, and how they work. It was interesting but for me I thought it was just a good opportunity for other homeschoolers to see and hear one of their peers speak about something they had accomplished. This was also a good opportunity for Warner to speak in front of a group.

Warner, state science fair winner!

A solar powered robot

Several of his robots were made out of trash or things that didn't work anymore.

Some of our group

The rest of our group
The room could hold 100 people and I had at least 94 people signed up for this one. Not sure if everyone showed up or not because I didn't do a head count!

A Lego's robot

This robot had a camera on it.

He had a screen up so that the kids could see themselves as he drove the robot around the room.

Luke and Tate getting to check out a part.

His Science fair project board

He had taken apart an old VCR so the kids could see how it works inside. They were able to watch the tape go in and eject.

Some of his robots that were part of his project.
After the program, some of us went to a local park to picnic and play.
Sarah eating her lunch.

Cade stopped and gave me a smile

Emma roaming

Ian hanging around

Smiling Abram

Kids playing

Tater bug
It was a nice, hot day. We left the park and went home to take baths before nap time.
What did you do today?


Jenn said...

Great shots!! Looks like the robotics class was very good. I enjoyed seeing you today and look forward to next time!

Tracy said...

The same thing as you! LOL... great shots! You are improving greatly! :)