Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working on the Trees

Before we started the patio project, the guys have been working in the backyard to clear out fallen tres, tree limbs, and debris that was left from the Hurricane Gustav along with brush where critters could hide to make it more pleasing to the eyes and more accessible for the children. Rob has used the tractor to clear a lot of brush,vines, trees, and tree limbs.
Cade and Rob getting ropes around a large branch in one of our large oak trees.
Rob has been trying to clear out these limbs which are large and really intertwined in the tree. Sorry the pictures are dark but it was dusk and Rob had all of us a good ways off so we would not get injured. My flash on my camera was not adequate enough for these pictures.

Ropes are wrapped around and ready to be attached to the tractor.

The ropes have been attached to the tractor.

Rob and Cade making sure the ropes are secure before driving the tractor.

Starting to pull on the limb.

Down it came...at least most of it.
Cai's arm got in the way while I was trying to catch the the action.

A better picture of the branch

Trying to get the rest of the branch down from the tree.

Oops...it snapped the rope right from the tractor and into the tree.
See the tangled mess!
Rob did get the rope out of that tree but it took a little effort.
Trying again!
He did get the branch out of the tree but it was too dark for pictures and I had already took the younger ones in to get ready for bed.
Burning all of the limbs,trees, debris, and branches that have been piled up from all of the work. Some of the big trees had fallen into the back where we have a slough sometimes. Rob had dragged them out with the tractor to burn. This is our second fire so far.
This has been going on before and during the patio project. We're trying to get the yard in the best shape as possible to get ready for an event at our house in July. They will continue to work every chance they get to get these things done.
This yard has been and will be a great tool for my boys for learning. Hope I'm not boring you with all of our work around here.


Michelle said...

You guys have been very busy!

The Munck Family said...

Trying to play catch up on post...love the new blog look!!!

Did you do it???

We still have lots going on how do you have time to post??? Do you ever sleep? You must be younger than me :)