Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Picnic ~ Part 2

During our 4th of July picnic, we had our annual badminton tournament. It was very hot...I mean really, really hot!!! We only had 8 teams out of all that were there. I guess that wasn't too bad since a large majority of them were children who weren't old enough to play. One team, AJ and Christine, who are also really good didn't make it in the tournament this year because AJ was at home sick. We missed you AJ!!! These are pictures taken during the tournament.

William and Taryn

Taryn was willing to play even though it had only been close to 8 weeks postpartum with giving birth to twin boys via C-section. Way to go Taryn!!

Rob and I
We played William and Taryn in the first round and won!!! They thought this was evenly matched up since she just gave birth and I was 11 1/2 weeks away from giving birth:)

Rob and I make a great team.

Ian and Cade against Tate and Samuel
Don't under estimate the age of my children because all three of them are pretty good for their age. Cade and Ian won this game.
A few watching and waiting to play


Little mess, Emma Ruth

More watchers and some waiting to play

Ellen and Scott
Chad and Amy
Ellen and Scott played Amy and Chad

May and Jhe
Candy and Anthony

Candy and Anthony playing May and Jhe

Jhe is ready to play

Candy serving the birdie

Boys playing
They are riding down the hill...look out for that tree!

Amy and Sherly
The next few pictures were taken by Pastor Dale. He sent them to me today so I added them to this post for your enjoyment.
Silly Emma
Tate surprised at the candles relighting.

Tate trying to blow them out again!
The tournament was fun. We played Cade and Ian in the second round. I know, we had to play against our own children and we beat them. We used to show them more mercy when they couldn't play as well but know they are pretty good. No holding back!!! Then, we played Amy and Sherly for the championship game.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.....Rob and I were the champions!!!!!


Tracy said...

Well congrats! Is there a trophy or anything?

Chelle said...

Way to go!!! Looks like lots of fun!!

Jenn said...

What a bunch of fun y'all had!!! Don't you just love how Christians can have fun too??!?!?!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

You were champions because AJ and I were not playing!!! :)


Amy said...

Watch it Christine!!! You know we won lst year too and I was even throwing up with a stomach virus:) You and AJ are good but so are we...hahahaha. The challenge is on for next year! :)