Friday, July 10, 2009

A Special Treat for Emma

This week has been a special week for Emma. My 1st little princess is growing up. She started wearing panties this week instead of diapers. She has been potty training herself for the past couple of months which has never happened before with my five boys! In fact this will be the first time that I will have three under two and only have two in diapers when the baby comes. When Tate was born, Cade was still two and I had three of them in diapers. All of the boys have been potty trained by the time they were three but she has been really easy. She won't be three until the end of November.
We had only one problem...pooping on the potty. That was the only thing she hadn't and wouldn't do. The other was easy but since we had nothing going on this week, I decided that we would go for it. On Monday, she had a few accidents including the dreadful one. Tuesday, same thing. On Wednesday, there was a break through (it probably had to do with the fact she didn't want a spanking for the dreadful thing). She tried three times to make it to the potty with the dreadful one but she didn't fully succeed. No, I didn't spank her for these mistakes because she tried really hard. That night at supper she complain and showed some signs that she might need to go again so I made her go sit on the potty. SUCCESS!! She did it:) She didn't really know what was going on and if it was a good thing or not but we all cheered for her and she got her treat.
The potty training tradition at our house is that you get to go get ice cream for the first time you poop on the potty. No one else gets get to eat it in front of everyone because it is your special treat. Each boy has done this and they all let her know that she was going to get ice cream. We had church that night so I told her I would take her the next day for her treat and she said, "OK!"
We decided to go eat lunch at Sonic on their outside tables for lunch. I called Rob and he met us there for lunch which made it even more special because daddy was there too.
Big Girl Emma

Dishing out the food!
Cade munching down
Me and Tate
Excuse the way I look because I had no make-up on and it was hot outside!

Abram hugging on Cade

Sweet Sarah

Hey Daddy!!

After lunch, Emma got her special treat!

Abram and Daddy
My Man!
Checking out the menu
She enjoyed her special treat! Just to let you know, we have had 3 successful days in a row of "pooping" on the potty. She even got up from her nap to do it on the big potty this morning all by herself!


Tracy said...

YEAH Emma!! Big girl now! I love the first shot!

Chelle said...

Way to go Emma!!! The first shot is ADORABLE!!!

Jenn said...

Yippee Emma!!!! How exciting. That is definitely a great treat to look forward to.

Micki said...

Yay for Emma! What a big girl!

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to move out of diapers! I love that first shot of her! So sweet!

Katie said...

Hooray for Emma! wonder she looked like she was enjoying that ice cream!

momoflots said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have eight children also - although mine are spaced quite differently - so now I have three teens, a tween, a couple of smaller kids, a toddler and an infant. Fun stuff!! But the way mine are spaced I've been changing diapers for 19 years - but never three at one time! Congratultions on the big girl pants!!!

Candi said...

the first one of Emma is great

Taryn said...

Way to go Emma!!!!! Yah!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a big day! Emma rocks! As the mom of 3 boys I can only imagine the joy of potty training success so quickly.

Mrs. Pat said...

Congratulations, Emma. I am proud of you!! (But I think all the kids should have gotten ice cream as Emma's treat!)