Tuesday, August 4, 2009

365 Project Get-Together

Last night some of the local 365 project participants met up together for a photo shoot, food, and fellowship. Our teacher, Tracy, showed us in a live setting how to handle different situations with our camera without using the auto function of our cameras. I even got to meet some of the participants that I hadn't met in person such as Kimber and Tammy.
This was my test shot to make sure I had my setting correct before we started.
Here are the ladies getting their cameras ready to get started.

We walked the area taking pictures of different things from flowers, fountains, courtyards, etc. Imagine 6 ladies walking around this busy hot spot all with cameras shooting everything in sight! Heads turning everywhere:)
Tracy got this girl to take our group shot. It was the one at the beginning of the post.
We were trying to set our custom white background but I couldn't get mine to work. It just stayed blue so I went back to my program and manual settings.
Tracy gave us the assignment of photographing our lovely model, Kimber, using the lines on the brick wall. Kimber was so funny. She can make so many different crazy faces:)

Jenn was working on her perspective picture for our assignment this week. As Tracy says, "Whatever it takes to get the photo!" Way to go, Jenn!!
After two hours of shooting, we stopped and went to eat at one of the local restaurants.
It was funny to have our table with 6 ladies and 6 cameras. Here is Tracy telling us about the lighting difference in the restaurant.
Kimber trying out her chopsticks.
Jenn and Tammy
Candi with camera in hand
After dinner, we learned some different things about taking pictures at night. Here is Tammy and Kimber practicing with Tracy at hand for help.
It was a great time of learning and fellowship. I'm glad I finally got to meet some of the other local participants. The sad thing is that Tracy is moving away very soon and won't be here to help us any longer...at least not in person!
We will miss you, Tracy!!!! Thanks for getting us together.


Tracy said...

Your welcome! It was fun!

I love the image with the 3 screens and flowers on them...so cool!

P.S. Jenn's gonna kill you!

Jenn said...

Tracy is soooo right!! You are dead girl!! I mean dead! I know you had to have a pic of someone else to stick on here.

You got some great shots. I really like the one of Kimber and her goofy face. She's a hoot!!!

8)(8 said...

That's neat.

The Munck Family said...

Fun night and very cool post!

Loved the pictures and love how they help capture lives moments!

{Kimber} said...

PS...Kimber's gonna kill you!!!!!
I have to wonder if I ever take pics WITHOUT silly faces?!

I enjoyed meeting you & Candi too--we will have to get together again... minus Wise One :)

Tammy Cloud said...

Great shots Amy. You did wonderful. Glad we were able to meet. We will have to do so again.

Anonymous said...

Funny how everyone took a picture of Jenn an posted it!