Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homeschool Q & A ~ 2

3. How do you structure your school day? i.e. Do you work a set schedule leaving certain times of the day for certain things (school, chores, play, TV, etc.)?
Some of these things have been answered in a previous post so I will try to answer the rest here. During school time, a child may get finished with all of their “work on their own work” stuff and have to wait for me to do any one-on-one teaching. During these times they are allowed to play quietly in the house or play outside depending on the age of the child. This is also a time in which they may do some of their chores as well. Cade and Ian are my two who do not take naps any longer so they will do some of their chores during that time (nap time) as well. We try to get most of the school work done before lunch or at least before nap time. We have a set family reading time between 2-3 pm for all of us to sit together while I read from our current book. Nap time is around 3 pm. The older ones are required to have a short quiet time during this time in which they may read their bible and pray then they write their spelling words and do some copywork before they do chores and have free time. Copywork is usually only required 3 days a week. We schedule school work for four days a week which leaves one day for play, field trips, grocery shopping, doctor appointments etc. However, we try to be flexible if we need to do something else that week or if something comes up during that time. We will take a week of school and split it up between two weeks if we need to depending on the activities we have going on. We will do some school work on Saturday if it is needed and Daddy is away for a little while such as when he gone to Men's Bible Study or something. We do not normally do school if Daddy is at home such as a holiday because we like to spend time with him!
4. What do you do with your little guys while you school with the older ones?
During this time, my little ones will take a morning nap which takes up some of the school time. If they are awake, they can have quiet play with certain toys or some of our “school” toys. I have several bins of different things that are kept in our school cabinets/closet that contain things such as dinosaurs, vehicle counters, “sticky” block aka manipulative blocks, puzzles, etc. We use these things sometime during learning for math but they are usually used for special play. They can even sit and look at books or play outside if there are older siblings out there with them or if they are on the patio where I can see them out the windows in our learning area (Sitting room/breakfast area/island area). Most of my children take morning naps until they are close to 3 yrs old.

Disclaimer: This is just how it works in our house and doesn't mean it is the only way for other families. Family size, make-up (such as the birth order of your children's gender), age difference in your children, and parent's personalities play an important role in how things will work best for your family.

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Thank you so much for posting this!!! I love to see how others manage their time. I will definitely profit from your sharing. And I can't wait to hear the next one.....