Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Blue Bayou Boys

On Saturday, Rob took our three oldest boys to a local water park/amusement park called Blue Bayou for a day of fun. They pass by it often and are always talking about the rides (roller coasters and such) along with many water slides. He would have taken all of the boys but there is a height limit for most of the rides and our other boys were not tall enough. He wanted to be able to ride with the boys and would not have been able to watch the little ones while he was on the rides so they stayed home with me. In fact, Tate was just at the height level to do the majority of the rides.
I would have loved to have been there to take pictures of them riding all of the roller coasters, water slides, the Hot Shot and such. I wondered if they would really get on some of these rides. You see their momma doesn't enjoy these types of things and gets sick very easily. However, they rode most of the rides with Dad. Of course, he had to encourage them a little ;) to get on some of them but they seemed to have had a blast.
I took the picture above as soon as they came home. They were all talking at the same time trying to tell me all about it. It was fun to see how exciting and fun it was for my little men. I truly couldn't believe they rode all that they did. I was so proud of them.
This was just a treat for them and not a common occurrence because it is not cheap to go. Our hairdresser, Mrs. Jeanie, gave us a coupon that got them all in for half price which was much better than the regular price. Thank you Mrs. Jeanie!!!
Do you like to ride these kind of things or are you like me "chicken" and get motion sickness very easily?


Cinnamon said...

Oh I much rather watch the kids go on the rollar coasters than watch them from the rollar coaster :-)

what a sweet treat~
How are you feeling. Not much longer! Are you all ready?

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog~


Tracy said...

I would have Rode EVERYONE one! The more upside down and cork screws ones the better!!!

Jenn said...

Oh I would be on EVERY ONE I could get on. I LOVE me some roller coasters!!!!!! Fortunately, Hannah and Aaron are taking after us and really liking them too!!

Glad the guys were able to have a day together like this!!

Chelle said...

Bring on the roller coasters!!! The boys both love them too, so it is easy for us to go to theme parks as a family.