Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing with the Phone

Well it happened today!!! One of my children dialed 911 for no good reason. We were outside playing and I had the home phone and my cell phone on the patio table so I could hear them if they rang. Needless to say, one of my boys decided to play on the phone and dial 911.
He brought me the phone and here was the conversation:
Boy: Momma, the police are on the phone.
Me: What?
Boy: Yeah, I dialed 9221.
Me: Oh really! (Thinking he didn't dial the right number anyway.)
Boy: (Hands me the phone)
Me: Hello! (No one was I hung up:)
I thought all was OK until the phone rang right back.
Me: Hello!
Phone: This is 911. Someone just called from this number is everything all right.
Me: Yes ma'am. Sorry my son got the phone and must have dialed it.
Phone: Ok, what is your name? How old is he?
Me: (Answered the questions.) Sorry about that.
Phone: Well, a police officer has to come out anyway and check it out to make sure everything is OK.
Me: OK :(
Well, that was our afternoon. Ms. Policewoman showed up right after we picked up the toys.
We all walked over to the car and said hello. She talked to the kids for a minute. Asked who called 911 and of course everyone looked at the guilty party and he started to cry. She told him that he was not in trouble but went over when you are supposed to call 911. She got a little info from me and then asked if they wanted to see the flashing lights!! They said yes of course and she asked my permission which I granted. However, I don't think this made a serious impact on him as much as I would have liked but it is over and there is always tomorrow.
Is there anyone else out there whose child or children have done the same thing? Go ahead...spill the beans:)


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, what an afternoon. I have not had someone call 911, but one child was playing with a light socket once... and well... let's just say he learned better. And he was old enough to not need to learn that.

Micki said...

Oh yeah...My son Seth dialed 911 not once, but twice, as a toddler, so he didn't even know what he was doing! What are the odds?

My daughter called it once when she was plenty old enough to know better. Boy, was she in a spot of trouble that day. The police showed up at our house and we had no idea what was going on!

Thankfully, we have not had this happen in several years!

flutepunch said...

I'm laughing, but if it were me, I probably wouldn't be! But then, it's not like they don't know that kids do that. ;) LOL that the "guilty party" cried. Talk about a confession.

8)(8 said...

Oh my gosh. It's great that the friendly police officer taught them when to call 911 and showed them the lights. When my daughter went to school they bring in the community officers and firefighters for safety instruction, and it sounds like a similar lesson, so don't feel they were spoiled by the lights. I think they do that so they associate the lights with someone there to help.

My little brother Joe locked himself in a bathroom when he was 3 or 4. The house was over 100 years old and my mom couldn't unlock the bathroom door even with the door knob off. It was on the second floor so she called the fire department.

When the fire-truck arrived they had went up with a ladder and through the window to unlock it from the inside. He had a fit because he imagined he would climb down the ladder. He was a precocious child and pulled many stunts.

The Munck Family said...

Oh, yes we had this same thing happen a few years ago. 2 of my sweet children 1 boy and 1 girl got together and dialed the number...ugh! And yes the police had to come out to our house too to check out the situation. It made them both think long and hard, but I believe the meeting they had with their Daddy that night made much more impact on them.

The whole thing is an odd feeling huh? Sorry it happened to you too!

Kristy said...

After 3 kids I can say I have never had that happen! Though it "ain't over yet", so it could.