Monday, August 3, 2009

Water Fun with The Lindsays

Last Thursday, we met our friends, The Lindsays, at a local water spray park to play. The kids had a lot of fun together. After we played, we went and picked up food from Sonic and came back to our house for lunch and more play.

It is rare for me to get a good picture of Miriam smiling at me when I try to take her picture. This day I was able to catch several cute ones of her. Micah sitting and catching some rays. Luke, Abram, and Levi playing around the water hydrant. Little Sarah climbed up on a bench to get away from the water. Abram decided to take Sarah through one of the sprayers. A couple of geese walking around by the pond close to the spray area.Emma and Cai in front of the big fountain. Candi with Micah and LeviLuke, Cade, and Tate Best Buds

(Tate and Luke) Ian with Sarah in one of the big sprays. Miriam playing Cade, Ian, and SarahCai with Sarah Strike a pose!

Cai and IanIan, Emma, and Miriam waiting for the water to fall.CameronI don't think Emma likes what Miriam is telling her or maybe Miriam is trying to cheer her up. Luke and Cameron were frozen! They were playing freeze tag. Tater Bug Tate and Ian

This is some brotherly love:) Miriam and Emma in front of the fountain. Emma...enough said!


Chelle said...

Love the one of Emma and Miriam!!!

Anonymous said...

You got some great shots. That park looks like so much fun!

Jenn said...

These pics are great! What fun!!! I really like the last one of Emma. Priceless!

Micki said...

How fun! Throw in Sonic and it's a perfect day! Cute shots of all the kids. Like the one of Tate and Luke.

Tracy said...

All the pics are great! Love the first one of Miriam and the water drops in their faces!