Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Asa's Birth Story
A week ago today I woke up and began my day as usual. I took a shower and shaved (It was my shaving day!) and began to get ready for the day. I had an appointment scheduled for my midwife that day at 10:30 am so I put on make-up as well. If I'm not going any where then I don't normally put on make-up. However, I always like to look my best when having a baby so it worked out great. Somewhere between 6:15 and 6:30 that morning I had my first contraction. They came on strong and consistent right away. I called Rob at work around 7 am to let him know that I felt like we were going to have a baby. He came home (Thankfully it only takes him about 15 mins. to get home from work!) to help out or see what was going on. I had already called Candi to let her know that things were happening and that I would be bringing the kids over very soon. The boys helped me out by getting dressed, packing an extra set of clothes and their pajamas while I finished packing my suitcase and got the girls some clothes together. Once Rob came home, we were ready to go to Candi's house to drop off the kids. I decided to drive the kids in the van so Candi would have a vehicle big enough to transport all of our children in case she needed to go anywhere with the 12 children ages 9 and under! Rob followed behind me in his truck. You could tell when I was having a contraction because I drove much slower during one than when I was not having them. BTW, Candi only lives about 9 minutes away from us.
We dropped the kids off along with their things and headed to the hospital. I had already spoken to two of the midwives and Kathy was waiting for me at the hospital. They know I usually go pretty fast and knew we were in morning work/school traffic which can be really bad so they told me to pull over if I felt like I needed to push and let my body do its thing. Rob kept telling me to just wait and don't push until we get to the hospital. We went a strange way to the hospital but it turned out to be the fastest which was good. We got to the hospital around 8:15 am and I was already 6-7 cm. Things progressed quickly and I soon was on the birthing stool delivering our precious baby boy. Asa was born at 9:01 am on 9-09-09 weighing almost 9 lbs.


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love to hear birth stories. How precious!

Yes my husband told me to WAIT :-) not in the truck!! :-) hee hee But we had one of ours in his back seat and she's so sweet~

Asa looks so big already. Hope you're feeling great and resting~


Katie said...

You aren't kidding you go fast - 2 1/2 hours start to finish - wow, that's gotta be some kind of record! :) ...I couldn't imagine driving while having contractions!!!

Chelle said...

Girl...that was one quick delivery! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I was wondering how things went. What a cutie he is!

Tracy said...

Cool! I can't believe you DROVE! YIKES!

I have mine quick too! They were AFRAID for me to have a 3rd! :)

The Munck Family said...

Asa's birth story was great! So nice you have a friend like Candi around. What a neat bond!

He is so handsome, I love his checks!

I didn't say but with Ruth Ella my conractions were 7 to 11 minutes apart until my water was broke at 6:45 then the big ones came fast and true labor was only about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I think we both have those babies fast!!

Lori Dupre Jackson said...

YAY!!! Welcome Asa!! What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing Amy! Congratulations mom and dad - what a BLESSED family!!

Christine said...

That's an amazingly fast delivery!
Enjoy those baby snuggles. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn

momoflots said...

Congratulations Amy!!! Thanks for sharing your story - I also love hearing birth stories!! I also have very fast labor and deliveries - two of mine were from first contraction to out in an hour - I had to be peeled off the ceiling with a spatula I was so overwhelmed!! :0) Thankfully my midwife is awesome!!! Your sweetie is so cute - are you just falling in love - I love the babymoon time when everyone is getting aquainted :0)!!


Jenn said...

WOW!! He is such a handsome little guy. You went soooo quick. Geez. And you drove to top it all off. You're amazing!

Amy said...

Christine @Momtolots,
Yes, we are enjoying little Asa and loving on him as much as possible. All of the children want their turn as well. I love this time of newborn but it doesn't last long:( I love to snuggle and cuddle with them. Those too labors were incredibly quick that you had. If that happened to us, I would just have to deliver whereever I was at during that time. Thanks for sharing!

{Kimber} said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CONGRATS!!! he is so cute! I know you are so proud :)