Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I Started Blogging

In honor of Tracy's 1000th post she wanted to know why I started blogging.
I started back in March 2008 on Xanga because we had friends who were in Korea and their daughter started a blog to keep friends and family updated on their happenings while they were there. In order to subscribe to their updates, Xanga sets up a blog account when you subscribe to that site. After getting comfortable blogging and realizing all of the ads that I did not approve of on my Xanga page, I decided to switch to blogger. I thought this might be a good way for our family members to keep up with our family happenings. It would allow them to see what the kids were doing in between our visits.
This has turned out to be a great experience. It has allowed us to capture many moments and activities of our family. A great way for us to document our homeschool activities and family life. I have also met a lot of new people through this avenue from other areas of the country which has been really neat.


Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing! I know I got to know you a little bit, even before we met IRL , through your blog! :)

Keep those Baby Boy pics coming!!!

Cinnamon said...

I'm so glad you did start :-)