Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Pizza Field Trip

This past Tuesday we went on a homeschool field trip to one of the local Papa John's restaurants. The children were taken in small groups through the restaurant to see how they take orders, walk in the the huge walk-in refrigerator, and make their own pizzas. We made 40 pizzas with 6 of those being adult made pizzas.
Emma got to go in the first group. Each child got to wear an apron while during their tour and while making their pizza.
You must first wash your hands before entering the kitchen to make the pizzas!
Playing in the dough and dust-a-nator aka flour.
Getting the bubbles out
The three littlest girls making their pizza.
Emma putting on her sauce.
Candi helping Miriam with her sauce.
See me, mom!
Emma putting on her cheese.
Emma's pizza
Abram, Cameron, Jonah, and Cai
Getting ready for their tour!
Talking about the walk-in refrigerator
In the refrigerator
Washing their hands

Cai patting his dough
Abram wanted to make sure you saw him working!
The mamarazzi taking pictures!
Getting the air bubbles out
Abram putting his toppings on his pizza
Sarah watching/looking at the strangers
Tate saucing his pizza
Topping his pizza
Cheesing his pizza
They had a conference room for the kids to wait in when they were waiting for their tours and for their pizzas to cook.
Candi had markers and activity sheets for the kids to keep them busy plus Papa John's gave them activity booklets to work on while they waited.
Cade and Ian waiting for their tour.
Inside the fridge
Washing hands
This is how we take orders.
Getting the dough ready
Wonder what Cade is thinking?
Tossing the dough back and forth
Hey Cade!!

Looking good

After all of the kids went, the adults made pizza too.
Candi making her pizza.
I took pictures of her and she took pictures of me so you need to click here to see me making my pizza!
Playing patty cake with the pizza
We were not as good as the employees at making our pizza!!!
My other friend, Candy, showing off her dough. If only we had done all the work ourselves without the help of professionals!
Candi topping her pizza.
Getting ready for the cheese
Candi showing off her finished product!
The other Candy topping her pizza.

What else should I put on this pizza?
I think I want to put on a little more!
Candy with her finished product.
Putting the pizzas in the oven
While we were waiting for the pizzas to bake, one of the Papa John's area managers came in and spun dough for the children.

Pizzas still going in the oven
Pizzas coming out of the oven
Slicing the pizzas
This was fantastic field trip. The staff did an excellent job and went out of their way for our children. Each child also received a certificate of achievement for participating which also had a coupon for a free cheese pizza or cheesesticks on each certificate.
I picked with the employees about helping me pick my toppings that would help me go into labor and who knew I would give birth to Asa the next morning.
After we left Papa John's, some of us went to Candi's house to eat our pizza and play so it was a full day of fun.


Cinnamon said...

What a fun idea! I'll have to check out our local pizza places for our group to take a tour.

I went over to Candi's place and looked at your fixin' your pizza. You DO NOT, DID NOT even look 9 months pregnant! Until that last photo with your completed pizza,then you showed :-)

Thanks for sharing~ Cinnamon
p.s. How are you feeling? How's sweet baby Asa?

Jenn said...

Yep, that was a fun one I missed. Maybe next time!! That mamarazzi picture is too funny!! Hope you and little Asa are doing well.

8)(8 said...

They look like they had a great time.

Anonymous said...

you should have named him John!
xo Kerrie

Katie said...

Wow, what a fun field trip!!!

Taryn said...

That was a fun field trip. Thanks so much for organizing it... you still amaze me at how you do all of the things that you do!