Monday, October 12, 2009

365 - 285


A Labor of Love deserves a treat while working!
These are some of the mini blankets that my friend, Nikki, crocheted while she was here visiting. She has made a blanket for each of my children who have been born since we have met. (Abram, Emma, Sarah, and Asa) She finished Asa's while they were driving here from Virginia. Nikki had made Emma a pink baby doll blanket for her babies too. During their visit, she decided to make the other boys a mini blanket to have like the other children's only a little smaller while she was here and she made Sarah a pink baby doll blanket too. I can't believe she got them all done while they were here. Here hands move very quickly and she can do it while talking and visiting. That means she made four mini blankets for Cade, Ian, Tate, and Cai and one baby doll blanket for Sarah in two days.
Thanks Nikki! The boys are so excited to have their blankets. Now there are plenty to share if one of the little ones misplaces their blanket and we need one quickly:) We love you!!!


Tracy said...


Anonymous said...

Great shot and great crochet! She is fast.

Anonymous said...

It was fun to do it for the boys. Thanks for letting us stay with you. We hadn't even left Baton Rouge when Sam said "I miss the Shelbys." Me too, Sam!
Love ya!

Candi said...

I like this shot...great job!