Wednesday, October 14, 2009

365 - 287


This is from a wall at a friend's house! Hand-painted by them:)


Tracy said...

FABULOUS! I am getting ready to put my scripture back up here...I miss seeing it! :)

momoflots said...

Oh, that's such a great idea!!! I may have to do that in my house!!

P.S. Really, canning is easy - just messy and some fruits are sorta time consuming - I'm just learning to take advantage of the child labor in the house!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Selena said...

amy, i love the scripture on the wall! I went on to laura's blog to leave a comment and read your comment about your son cade. Our grandson (now 7yrs old) was also born with cleft lip and palate. He as had many many surgerys and still has many to go (His mom had her last one around age 18). But he is a healthy, growing boy..God blesses us in all shapes and forms..I just wanted to ask about the progress of your son and how he is doing? I haven't known anyone else with this the same birth defect and so it is interesting to see how someone else's progress is going.

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. My oldest child, Cade, was born with a cleft lip and palate. Here is a link to a post about him: He is doing very well. He is very bright and does not seem to let this effect him in any way. He has several surgeries and we deal with an orthodontist on a regular basis. He has not had to have any speech therapy which they tell us is amazing because my children with a cleft lip and palate have to go through some form of therapy. I have worked with him with phonic sounds since he was at least two years old. He had his first surgery when he was 2 months old for his first lip repair and had the first revision on his palate at 11 months old. Since then he has had a few others especially if he was having some other type of surgery such as tubes or something, the plastic surgeon would go in and do a little more. He had to have tubes put in pretty often because they would stay in for less than a year. He has gotten big enough now that his ears are working fine without them which is great for us!! He suffers from nasal problems due to the nasal passage on the one side being blocked. He will not be able to get that fixed until he is much older and has gone through puberty. He is in a process right now with the orthodontist waiting for two front teeth to come in more so they can start a procedure to bring the teeth down due to the weak bone structure in there. He will eventually have to undergo some oral surgery as well on his teeth. Something to do with connecting a chain in his gums to work on the bone some how...not quite sure how it is going to work yet. He has one tooth that may not exist and may have to have an implant at some point but we are not concern about that right now. He will probably need a bone graft at some point as well. Most people say they don't notice that he has had a cleft lip but there is still things he has to go through because of it. He will probably need some surgery on his nose when he gets older to help shape it a little better but we will leave that up to him at that point (whether or not he wants it or not). I could go on and on but not sure how much info you were really wanting. Hope that helps in some way.