Friday, October 2, 2009

Doing School Outside

The last few days we have had some cooler weather. It has been nice and cool in the mornings with the highs in the 80s with low humidity in the afternoons. The humidity is what really gets us with the heat. It makes it so much worse.
Tate and Ian decided to go outside and work on their school work during one of these mornings. I had told them they were welcome to do their school work at the picnic table when it got a little cooler.

Tate working on his math.

Ian working on his math.

As you can see, they moved around a lot. Tate didn't stay in the same spot very long. In fact, they found it easier to play instead doing their work so this didn't last long. I had to bring them back in to monitor their progress a little better.
Oh well, they enjoyed it while it lasted!!
It is supposed to be warmer with high humidity again today. It was just a very short time of fall weather but we will take what we can get and enjoy it.
How was your week?


Amy said...

How is LOF going?

Tracy said...

Sorry, that was me. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Fun while it lasted!

Jenn said...

Yep, it sure was pretty to be outside. I tried getting our school done by noon so they could enjoy the lovely weather. Tomorrow (Saturday) is supposed to be another beauty. I think the festival will be gorgeous!

Jenn said...

PS....Asa sure looks cute at the top of your blog with the rest of the family!!!

Taryn said...

Yes it has been great outside. I love this weather! Great pictures, especially the one of Ian!

8)(8 said...

Neat. My daughter actually does work when she is outside. She usually writes.

Do you mean Life of Fred?

Anonymous said...

I in joyed it

Chelle said...

Love the fall weather that we get her in LA. Sometimes I drag all 20 of my kids outside (we don't last too long either).