Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maze Part 2 ~ Cow Train

One of the activities offered for the kids was to ride a cow train. There were two of them. One was more of a gentle ride and the other was a bucking cow ride. My boys rode both but the girls and I rode only the gentle one. (It wasn't that gentle but it didn't buck like the other other one.

Starting from the end of the train: Abram, Ian, Cade, Tate, Luke, and Cai Notice the driver was dressed like a cow. He even had a tail hanging from the back!

Me and Sarah riding together Candi taking pictures while riding in the little cow car with Levi and that is determination!! (Motto: Whatever it takes!) You can check out her post with more cow train pictures here. Emma You should have seen the number of 15 passenger vans at the Home School Day at the Cajun Corn Maze!

Stay tuned for Part 3 ~Pig Races!

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