Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trinity Olympics ~ Part 4 - Long Jump

Now it's time for the Long Jump!

Ian landing Cade in the air Giovani Cai's landing Abram Now it's the adults turn to be a child again!!

Carlo (He and his son jumped 124 inches which was the farthest until...) AJ Look at cute little Zechariah watching the fun. Remember I said until... until my man had a turn!!! My man jumped 144 inches (12 ft)! Yeah, he jumped the farthest. :) May

After the men had a turn, the ladies gave it a shot. Christine Melody Melody again

Yes, I jumped too but my husband didn't take any pictures. I handed him the camera but he didn't think to use it. I was thankful because I probably looked like a fool.

Make sure you check out the next post. (Tug O'War)

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8)(8 said...

The baby looks so sweet napping.