Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bridal Shower

On Saturday the ladies at our church hosted a Bridal Shower for Sarah at my home.  Sarah and Adam are in the new members class at church and will be getting married in January.  Everyone brought food to contribute to the shower.  Check out the cake squares.  Aren’t they pretty!!  My friend, Amy, made them.  She did an incredible job.  Sarah’s colors are pink and teal so we used the pink throughout our theme for the shower.

 PC040632   PC040633 PC040659PC040635PC040638PC040643 

Laura brought the fondue and fixins.  It was fabulous!  I had it along one counter as the “fondue bar”:)

PC040677 PC040678

This is a picture of her corsage and the flowers that were the centerpiece on the table.  It had little pink roses in it to go with her pink roses in her wedding.



PC040679 PC040700


After a time of food and fellowship, we moved to the living room to watch her open presents.

PC040701 PC040718PC040725PC040708

I had to add these pictures of Asa.  He was the only male allowed at the shower.  Rob took the other children to lunch and ran around town while the shower was taken place. 

Nicole is a great helper.  She loves to hold Asa whenever she gets the chance.

PC040726 PC040742

The last two pictures show you what was taken place during the gift opening.  We played a game with Sarah.  She had to answer 20 questions.  Sophia had asked these questions to Adam ahead of time for his answers.  In between opening presents, Sarah had to try to answer the question the way Adam did.  If she was incorrect, she had to chew a piece of Hubba Bubba Max bubble gum. 

The first picture is her trying to blow a bubble with the gum.  The other is her trying to read the card out loud with about 7 pieces of gum in her mouth.  It was so funny!!!  She was a great sport during the whole thing.  In fact, we got the idea from a shower that they had given one of her friends:)

 PC040745 PC040750

We had a great time.  Everything turned out lovely and I just love to have these kind of things at our home when we get a chance.  I love having people over.  Just wished we had more time to do it!! 

In fact, I get another chance this week.  I am hosting a Christmas Tea as part of our home school group for the mommies and teenage daughters.


Tracy said...

How fun and loved the bubble gum idea!

Asa is so big!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!