Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Girls

Wednesday, I had the Lindsay kids over while Candi went for 1st OB visit with the midwife.  It has rained here so much that the kids were not able to play outside much.  The boys played on the some while the girls wanted to stay inside.

PC150032 PC150033

We had just gotten these aprons from Aunt
Pat so Emma pulled them out for her friend, Miriam.  (I just love how our kids are growing to be so close to the Lindsay kids.  Rob and Craig have known each other since they were little boys.)  With the number of children we each have, it allows for them all to be close in age.


Miriam and Emma

 PC150035  PC150037 PC150036


They are just so cute.  I love these girls:)  BTW, Micah was missing because she was napping during this time.


Cinnamon said...

Very cute aprons and girls~


Jenn said...

How sweet! The aprons are precious.